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Baby Nursery //  PreSchool //    Elementary


Ages Birth to Age 2

Sunday mornings at 10:00
Wednesday evening at 6:30

Baby Nursery, for babies from birth to walking, along with our Toddler Nursery, for babies that are walking to age 2, are both found in divided Room 107.

Our nursery is available during our Sunday 10:00am and Wednesday Nights during the 6:30 service. We also have a Toddler Sunday School Class at 9:00 on Sundays in their room in the nursery.  Our goal is to minister to your children while providing dependable, safe, secure, and nurturing care while you focus on whichever ministry you are attending.


Ages 3-5

Sunday mornings at 10:00

ONE Kids Preschool is for ages 3-5. Each week we learn about a new Bible story, and explore it through many different hands on activities that are suited especially for their age group. We teach using our snacks, puppets, music, crafts, physical activities, experiments, games, and various sensory play.

The preschoolers have an opportunity to interact and play with other kids their age while learning how to love Jesus and each other.


Ages 3-5

Wednesday evenings at 6:30

Rainbows is an action-packed program for our preschool group.  Every Wednesday night, preschool students learn about the Bible through hands on activities, play time, snacks, music, and crafts.  Preschoolers and their teachers look forward to Rainbows time each week as they play and learn together.


Ages k - 6th

Sundays at 10:00 am

WMFA Kids is our ministry for students in grades K-6. We meet on Sunday mornings at 9:00 upstairs for Sunday School (This service includes Preschoolers, too!) and at 10:00 for Service. Through music and motions, games, acting out the Bible story, small group discussions, and interaction during lessons, this ministry is uniquely designed to help students learn to be interactive in a church service. Most importantly, there is a time for prayer and response every single service. We encourage our students to spend quality time praying for themselves and for others in the altar because our greatest goal is to teach them how to connect with the one who can save, heal, and change them from the inside out. Students (and staff!) are experiencing salvation, the baptism in The Holy Spirit, and are expressing their desires to become more like Jesus in our WMFA Kids services. We play, we pray, and we learn what it means to be a church family. Everyone comes through the door excited to be a part of our fun, engaging, and spirit-led services!


Wednesdays at 6:30 pm

WMFA Kids Wednesdays is our Wednesday night program for students in grades K-6. We meet upstairs for play and fellowship at 6:15 and begin at 6:30. This ministry is specifically geared to help our students learn basic Bible stories such as Noah’s Ark, Jesus’ miracles, and Daniel in The Lion’s Den and how these stories apply to our lives today. This ministry is unique because we begin and end with all ages together, but split into grade-based groups for most of the service so students can play and learn on their level. We use games, trivia questions, crafts, snacks, videos, drama, and even character skits on special days! Even in the midst of our fun and casual setting, we are still doing spirit-led ministry. During our prayer and response times every week, students (and staff!) are experiencing salvation and are expressing their desires to become more like Jesus in our WMFA Kids Wednesdays services. With something a little different every week, we are keeping everyone excited to come back and see what’s new each Wednesday!