We're reopening!


We are ready to begin having IN-PERSON service again, though it will look very different for now.

1.) We will have a praise and worship service on Sunday night, June 7th at 5:30.

2.) We will have service the following SUNDAY morning, June 14th at 10:00 am.



Please contact Becky Harness as soon as possible to reserve seating. Please include the name of each person you are reserving seats for. This will allow us to arrange chairs to accommodate as many as possible, while still maintaining proper distance between individuals and household/family groups.

CALL OR TEXT: 901-494-1733

EMAIL: karatewomanbecky@yahoo.com


For the in-person services, we will be operating in accordance with the governor’s guidelines. This means (at least for now), there will be NO Sunday School classes, NO Nursery, NO Children’s Church. Also, because of the extensive cleaning that has to be done between services, we will NOT be having Sunday night or Wednesday night services during this time. However, Pastor Case will continue to host online Wednesday night meetings for the youth. We are also HAPPY to announce that, for those who choose NOT to attend the in-person services at this time, we WILL be continuing to bring you the services on our Facebook page, YouTube, and our website. We feel this ministry is TOO VITAL to discontinue.

The following is adapted from the governor’s church reopening guidelines that we will be operating under. Please read over them CAREFULLY:

Signs will be posted at all building entrances advising you NOT to enter if:

- You have had a fever of 100.4˚F or higher in the past 2 days

- You have a cough, shortness of breath, or other symptoms typical of Covid-19

- You have tested POSITIVE, (OR) have had known exposure to someone with Covid-19 in the past 14 days

* NOTE: We will understand completely should you choose to refrain from coming to our in-person services at this time.

* Ushers will be helping to monitor at both entrances, as well as inside of the building, in order to help assure everyone remains at a social distance of at least 6 ft apart while entering.

* Face coverings are to be worn by congregants when entering and exiting the building. They may be removed after you are seated. You will need to bring your own face covering. We understand some may have objections to this, but PLEASE understand that some of your church family is more vulnerable to the virus than others, & this temporary barrier could keep them from being exposed  unnecessarily. We also know you would NOT want to put anyone’s health in jeopardy by simply not following this TEMPORARY guideline.


* Face coverings for children UNDER 10 years old are OPTIONAL.

* Face coverings for children UNDER 2 years old are PROHIBITED by CDC guidelines.

* Hand sanitizer will be available at both entrances.

* Water fountains will NOT be in use at this time.

* You are to refrain from any physical contact with each other outside of family groups—no hand shaking, touching, or embracing.

* At the close of service, everyone will be dismissed by rows. PLEASE REMEMBER, congregating in groups should be strictly limited to outdoors only, with a guideline of 6ft between individuals/families at all times.


I realize these guidelines can feel OVERWHELMING (believe me, I completely understand). And, I know it will even seem extreme to many, but REMEMBER, these guidelines are only TEMPORARY & we are excited to finally be transitioning back to an in-person setting once again.

Again, we are NOT operating out of a spirit of FEAR, but rather out of a spirit of LOVE & CONCERN for everyone’s safety & well-being. That being said, we completely understand if you’re not yet ready to make this transition. In that case, we encourage you to continue to attend our online services until you feel comfortable transitioning back to face-to-face services. If you have any further questions about these guidelines, feel free to contact us.


Looking forward to worshipping with you again,

Pastor Bill Harness

Senior Pastor